Walk In Closet Size

walk in closet size The average home dimension these days have become quite limited because of the rise in real estate prices in some areas and the overall population boom. Therefore, most homeowners these days are looking for ways of maximizing the use of their home space with innovative designs and novel ideas regarding furniture and home décor. The walk in closets have become extremely popular because of this exact reason with an increasing number of people preferring to have one of these at their homes for storage option.

The walk in closet systems offer a number of benefits to their users with better access to the clothing and greater storage space being two of them. The walk in closets are more space saving compared to the front access ones because of the need of a wider door for a wider closet. However, there is no need for a wide door for walk in closets with a small door serving just fine for access to the storage space inside. However, the buyers may feel a bit confused about the right walk in closet size for their homes but can decide according to the commonly prevalent dimensions.

Average Walk In Closet Size

large walk in closet sizeThe walk in closet systems can range in dimension according to the requirements of the buyers. These closets can range in size from at least 5 feet to as much as 8 feet or more according to specific orders. The 5 feet wide closet system is perfect for homes with modest dimension because they have fair amount of storage space. The closet systems with 5 feet width can comfortably contain closet rods that are 24 inches in width or even more. These closets even contain around 3 feet of walking space inside them. However, walk in closet size with any smaller dimension would have too cramped a space for any amount of movement for the users.

Thus, closets with 5 to 6 feet of length and width would be perfect for storing clothes. The average floor space of 6 square feet is perfect for containing sets of double closet rods up to two. It will depend on the amount of space that you have available and how you tackle and categorize will be completely up to you! You can try adding different systems together, combine a variety of products that work well for you or have a custom designer/installer to do the job. In the end, the size and space that you have will play a large role in how the project will turn out as a smaller space will limit the choices that are available.

Walk In Closet Size Conclusion

The walk in closet size depends to a certain extent on the overall layout of the space. Certain layouts are more space efficient that the others. The pricing of the closet systems depends on the dimension and the building material used for them. However, the doors can cost as much as the total system and push the overall expense upwards. Therefore, buyers need to consider the dimensions of the closet system according to their requirements.

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