Walk In Closet Plans

remodel walk in closet plans The walk in closet systems have become popular for saving a lot of space in homes, which have become extremely valuable these days. The lack of space in homes has caused most homeowners to look for pieces of furniture that do not each into much of the already cramped floor space. The same holds true for even the traditional storage spaces such the closet systems, which have seen several design innovations that have made them even more space efficient. With the right plans, the closet will be more effective and efficient in saving space.

In addition, if the plan is executed well, it will create a new and lively living space and a work of art. The walk in closets are an example of extremely space saving storage option for homeowners, which allows them to store their clothes and a variety of other household items in an efficient manner. These are available in a variety of sizes depending upon the needs of the buyers and their overall design plans and layouts vary with their dimensions. The walk in closet plans are extremely specific for the various sizes of such closets with plan for a specific size not working for the other sizes. These plans fall into three broad categories with specific ones for small, medium, and large walk in closet systems. 

Various Walk In Closet Plans

The small walk in closets start from a width of around 5 feet with a storage space of around 5 square feet. However, these closets are not perfect for lingering for any length of time and provide just about enough space for the storage purpose. The layout plan for this type of walk in closets consist of walls on three sides with a door to the other side. The layout plan for the small walk in closets focus upon the maximum possible use of the storage space with no room left for any other purposes. However, proper walk in closet plans may provide just enough room for a private changing space.

Analyzing Your Walk In Closet Plans

walk in closet plansThe best walk in closet plans and designs are based upon proper measurement of your closet space. Take the measurement of the back wall and the two return walls of your closet. Most walls are not perfectly square. We recommend that you measure across each wall at 3 different heights and enter the smallest dimension. Remember, reach-in style closets must be at least 22″ deep to accommodate hanging clothes. You also want to determine if there is going to be enough space in the bedroom for the closet doors to open and close without being impeded by furniture. If there isn’t, consider sliding doors, a pocket door, or a door that opens inward. Other things you should think about in your walk in closet plans are the lighting, windows and walls for the closet itself and the surrounding area.

The medium and large sized walk in closets provide more opportunities for toying around with their layout plans. The walk in closet may be large enough to contain benches for spending longer periods inside them with relative comfort. These closets have different shelves for different items and they may even possess dedicated zones. The planning may leave space for various other purposes such as a half-size ironing board that can create an ironing station. The larger closets need to have adequate lighting and proper use of lighting fixtures such as chandeliers can add a touch of elegance to the storage area. Therefore, proper walk in closet plans are necessary for the optimum use of that space and even add a touch of elegance and extravagance to the overall home décor.

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