Stand Alone Closet

stand alone closetMost of the houses have a large number of closets throughout their entire area. The closets are there because of their importance as storage space for storing a large variety of household items. The closets have become ubiquitous in their presence in almost every modern household even though they may vary in the size and design. There are closets in the bedroom and a variety of other rooms in the house with all of them serving to store various items. The layout plan of the closets is important for making the closet suitable for storing the maximum amount of items without occupying too much of the wall or floor space.

However, not every type of closet is suitable for all the homes because the house may lack enough space for a conventional closet system with larger dimensions. Improper closet design may also make it difficult to use all of the storage space or access it with ease. The stand alone closet is the ideal solution for this problem because they possess the design that can take care of most of these problems. They are much better at storing clothes with extreme efficiency without occupying too much of the wall space.

Stand Alone Closet Installation and Cost

simple stand alone closetThe stand alone closet is perfect for installation during any home renovation project over many other type of closets. They cost lot less than the other types of wall closets. This type of closets is suitable for storing a wide variety of household items that may be difficult to store in conventional closets, and they are more accessible at the same time. The stand alone closets are ideal because they are free standing and this makes it possible for installing them anywhere in the house. Therefore, these closets are actually better than regular closets because of this factor, which makes them extremely convenient for use.

The regular closets may cost up to several thousand dollars including all the different compartments and the finishing. Therefore, it is beneficial to the users to buy stand alone closet including the cost benefit and the increased efficiency of the storage space. The stand alone closet does not have any attachments with the walls and therefore, do not consume any of the precious wall space. These closets can also act to add some much needed style statement to the living area. Therefore, these stand alone closets can be the perfect storage area for the people who may lack enough room for the conventional storage options.

DIY Stand Alone Closet and Summary

modern sliding stand alone closetWhen wall space is a premium but you need to increase your storage space, build a stand-alone closet away from the wall. A stand-alone closet has a boxed-in construction that is secured only to the ceiling and the floor and not an adjoining wall. Prices will depend on the material and size of the closet. Stand alone towers and closet kits are also available as well for the DIY enthusiasts. They will vary in price from a few hundred to a couple thousands of dollars.

With these, you can dd it into your current design or position it as an independent unit for areas with limited space. The more expensive types are crafted of 100% solid wood, ensuring no flexing or sagging, and are strong, stable and elegant, plus has all-metal hardware and ventilated construction for air circulation. The tower is also perfect for alternate uses around the home, such as in pantries, laundry rooms, linen closets, bathrooms, and more. Use it for storing clothes, shoes, towels, cans and bottles, and anything else you need tucked away.

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