Rubbermaid 60″ Garment Closet

Rubbermaid closets logoThe storage space is becoming more valuable these days because of the modest dimensions of the apartments in the times of soaring real estate prices. A large number of people are trying out various storage options that includes the traditional closets in not so traditional materials. Gone are the days when closets meant only the wooden ones because many more variants are available now. These latest closets are perfectly suited for storing many different items without occupying too much space and are easy to maintain and look after. One such extremely versatile storage option that is becoming increasingly popular these days is the Rubbermaid 60″ Garment Closet, which provides its users with durability and convenience. The closet provides its users with an extremely convenient form of storage thanks to its building material, which makes it possible for people to enjoy a clear visibility of the items they are storing inside it. This garment closet is extremely versatile and suited for both long term, as well as, short-term storage options.

Rubbermaid 60″ Garment Closet Benefits

rubbermaid 60 garment closetThe Rubbermaid 60” Garment Closet is great for seasonal storage, allowing you to stow away winter items such as ski jackets, scarves, heavy sweaters and more. It’s also perfect for storing your summer wardrobe — use this garment closet to store your summer dresses, shorts and swimsuits. The Rubbermaid Garment Closet works well for both long and short term storage, especially if you’re travelling for an extended period, or need additional closet space to supplement your wardrobe. This versatile garment closet has a breathable fabric cover that helps prevent mildewing and keeps moisture from accumulating. A clear window allows you to easily see the contents.

People can carry it with them if they intend to travel for extended period because it is lightweight and extremely convenient for portable use. However, it can also serve just as well for those who require some additional storage space in their apartment. The Rubbermaid 60″ Garment Closet system is suitable for storing clothing materials that only witness seasonal uses. Therefore, users of this closet can store their seasonal clothing such as warm clothes for the winter months or special clothing for the rainy season in it. Thus, people can store a wide variety of clothing items including sweaters, scarves, jackets for winter and swimsuits, cotton dresses and shorts for the summer.

The best thing about Rubbermaid 60″ Garment Closet is its breathable fabric, which sets it apart from all the other closet systems in terms of unique advantages and benefits it has to offer to its users. This fabric is extremely durable but at the same time offers a clear view of the storage space and all the items in it. Therefore, the users can very easily keep track of most, if not all, of the items they have stored in the closet even without having to open it. The fabric also prevents the accumulation of moisture inside the storage area and the growth of mildews on the clothes. Therefore, clothes remain in fine condition inside this closet. Thus, the closet has gained so much popularity among its users.

Rubbermaid 60″ Garment Closet Features

white rubbermaid 60 garment closet• Breathable fabric cover to help prevent mildewing or accumulated moisture
• Perfect for seasonal clothing storage, such as ski jackets or summer dresses
• Clear window allows clear visibility of contents
• Great for travelers
• Perfect for those who need additional closet space
• Works well for both short or long term storage

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