Free Standing Closet Systems

free standing closet systemsThe storage space is of immense significance is most of the households, and the efficiency of storing various items in this space can help in saving a lot of floor and wall space in the house. The closet systems have become one of the most preferred ways of storing various household items without occupying too much space and offering an uncluttered look. However, the homeowners can opt for among a large number of closet systems according to their requirements and preferences.

The dimension and the layout plan of the closet system are important in determining the feasibility of the storage space in any particular household setting. Therefore, the users must consider all the various types of closet systems on offer before they finalize their decision. The free standing closet systems can be an excellent choice for those people who may have limitation in the free wall space at their residence. They can opt for these closet systems because these do not occupy any wall space and require minimal amount of floor space for storing high amount of household items. These closet systems are on offer from various leading closet makers and the buyers can choose the one that offers the best deal.

Benefits of Free Standing Closet Systems

custom free standing closet systemThe free standing closet systems make excellent use of the vertical space to store a large amount of items such as clothes and other accessories. The trick lies in organizing the storage space properly and according to a specific plan because that will ensure the most efficient use of space for storing diverse materials. The buyers can opt for various closet kits that are available in the market, and are perfect for those who wish to set up their closets without any professional help or guidance. These closet kits come with instruction manuals that offer detailed instructions about installing the closet. The kits also contain all the different parts with labels and templates for proper installation of the closet system.

The free standing closet systems usually cost much less compared to the traditional wall closets but do not compromise on the look or quality. These closets are available in a variety of finishes and can work perfectly to accentuate any home décor. Therefore, they are far more affordable and proper compartmentalization can help in storing various items including clothes, shoes, books, mementoes among others. The availability of these closets from the top brands and their lower prices has made them the ideal storage option for any household.

Alternatives To Free Standing Closet Systems

elfa free standing closet systemsFreestanding or wall-hung are the two main options for professional closet systems, and many people choose to combine the two. Wall-hung units do not have to be attached to studs, though with studs they can carry heavier loads, which is important when thinking about long-term use of closet systems.

Freestanding closet systems, or modular systems, give you the ability to mount units on walls or ceiling if possible. But they are also portable, in case you want to move the closet in the future. Many closet systems are a hybrid of the two types, utilizing hanging rods and shelves that are connected to drawer units, which rest on the ground.

Depending on your specific needs, we will design closet systems to suit. Your walk in closet should be able to contain and merge both of these fantastic closet systems to suit your needs

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