Closet Depth

It is very difficult to make a space for your clothing or more other things like shoes or else in your living room in a small apartment in many of the recent buildings in the major metropolitan cities. Men and women are coming to settle down to major cities to get better options for the betterment of their lives.

There are so many opportunities in a city that can help enhance your day to day life than in the rural or suburb areas of many countries. Thus, shortage of space for apartments has begun and bigger ones are beyond budget for many of the middle class or lower middles class families. The closet is the best option to find more space that can be seen in a living room of those small suits.

Determining Closet Depth

closet depth

Closet depth is determined by several factors like what you intend to store in the closet. It is generally dependent on which type of closet you are building, whether it is a bedroom closet, hall closet or pantry closet. Standard depths exist for closets as most clothing requires a certain amount of space to hang without brushing against the walls or doors. To design a closet, it very important to know the exact measurements of the space you would like to set it up. The closet depth is one of them. Closet depth usually means the distance between two selves of the closet. It may vary according to your requirement. If you want to hang your cloths like suits or coat etc, you will have to make a bigger closet.

The standard closet depth is of more or less about 12 inches. This measurement has a very good significance as the clearance of this kind of selves will vary from more than 11 inches. So you can make use of most of the space that is available. But if your choice is for hanging your coats, jackets or blazers etc then you have to put a longer one for perfect use. The walk-in closet really has no depth as it is measured in length and width. However, when determining how large to make the walk-in closet, factor in the hanging depth of clothing on the closet rods, which are typically situated up against the wall. This depth is still 24 inches, or 2 feet. The shelves in the walk-in closet conversely are 13.5 to 15 inches deep. This space is accounted for when designing the walk-in closet. Allow 3 to 4 feet of floor space in front of these shelves and enough width to store all of your items, including clothes.

Closet Depth Summary

Not only for clothes or shoes, your closet can also be used for placing many objects. You may place some electrical instruments like iron, microwave, etc onto it. In that case you will have to make a space for electric circuit and switch board between two of your closets and near the places for those instruments. To make sure that those appliances will fit exactly into your closet; the closet depth has to be chosen accordingly. First of all you have to draw the plan for your closet according to the measurement of your wall length and door and window positions and also the closet depth. Then you have to be sure about the number of selves and chambers that is to be set up.

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