Allen and Roth Closet

allenrothlogoThe closet systems form an integral part of most homes these days because of the advantages they provide in storing a variety of important and useful stuff. Interested buyers can choose from a wide variety of manufacturers according to their requirements and budget. However, a large number of people have started to use the DIY kind of closet systems, which help them in saving a considerable portion of the overall cost. They can choose from closet kits that come with all the accessories and instruction manual, which the buyers will require for setting up their own closet system.

The allen and roth closet systems have become extremely popular among the users and they can choose from various closet kits available for the DIY crowd. The closet kits offer an excellent chance to the buyers to setup their closet systems with ease and without having to worry about the instruction because they are quite simple. The buyers can choose from two types of closet kits, the solid kit, and the ventilated kit. The two kits differ in the number of accessories they come with and the degree of freedom they offer to the buyers.

allen and roth Closet Features

allen and roth closetWhen you’re looking for a way to add sophistication and style, look no further than allen and roth. Our designers have mastered the look of larger outdoor areas and patios, while also offering solutions to maximize indoor storage space with closet organization kits. Closets from allen and roth also delivers stylish home décor that’s uniquely you with lighting, mirrors, bath vanities, window treatments and rugs. It provides a classic style with a modern twist. The offer kits from various types of material with solid wood being the most popular.

The solid kit package for the closet system includes a center unit, drawers, hanging rods, and shelves for setting up storage facility. The other major variant among the closet kits is the ventilated type which comes with the only the center unit. This package does not contain any other accessories and the users can add shelves and drawers according to their requirement.
Thus, the users can select the accessories for their closet system according to their wishes and they have plenty of options to choose from, even though it may push the cost up a bit. The allen and roth closet kits are extremely popular among the users because they provide the high quality closets at affordable prices.allen & roth closet

allen and roth Closet Benefits

The closet kit contains detailed instruction and the buyers can follow these to setup their closet system without any major hiccups or confusions. The kit contains all the various parts in separate plastic packs and each of them carry clear labels for east spotting during installation.

The makers also provide a template, which makes it easier to punch all the holes in the wall at the right places. Therefore, the allen and roth closet kit is extremely easy to install and not beyond the capabilities of people who are a regular into DIY stuffs.

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